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Introducing: Maître Viral API V2 – The only referral APIs you’ll ever need


Introducing: Maître Viral API V2 – The only referral APIs you’ll ever need


When we launched our API in August 2016, our aim was bold: to build the referral marketing infrastructure of the internet. We wanted to create a universal API to allow developers to embed a referral mechanism into their web and mobile app in minutes without re-inventing the wheel every time.

Flash forward 7 months and 850K API calls,  we have doubled down and are very excited to introduce a new version of our Viral API (V2).

What’s new?

  • much more powerful, flexible and robust than V1
  • 7 new endpoints
  • RESTful compliant
  • increased rate limit to 5,000 calls/hour

If you want to learn more the best way is to check out the documentation.
Also, if you are using our API V1 and want to migrate to V2, you should definitely check the documentation because lots of things have changed (besides, our documentation is quite nice).

What can I do with it?

Oh, lots of interesting things! Here some examples:

  • build a Monzo-like waiting list for your mobile app
  • a referral system whereby people get a free ticket if they refer 3 friends who purchase a ticket
  • a customer reward system for e-commerces whereby people get a coupon code if they refer a friend who spends more than X dollars

These are just few examples, but you get the drift 😉


V2 is in active development and officially in beta. We are now accepting beta testers.
If you have a cool idea and would like to use our APIs just give us a shout.

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Manuel Frigerio Maître's Founder. A data-driven, analytical geek who enjoys building stuff.
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