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Introducing Maître Affiliate Program


Introducing Maître Affiliate Program


The other day we were brainstorming ways in which we could grow our sales numbers. We considered all the usual suspects: Adwords, FB ads, partnerships, etc. We have, at different times, tried all of them with varying results. This time we wanted to do something different.

I went on Twitter and I stumbled upon a Medium post from Jason Fried, Basecamp CEO, who explained why they have decided to stop ALL their online advertising campaigns and instead give the money directly to their customers through an affiliate program.

It was a revelation!

Since the very beginning of our journey our users have recommended Maître to their friends and colleagues. It’s hard to calculate how many people have become customers through word of mouth, but a quick glimpse at Google Analytics suggests that number could be as high as 35-40% of all our customers.

All these people who have recommended Maître to their friends have done so out of genuine love and for this we are hugely thankful 🙏

But what if we could “thank” them by splitting the revenues with them? And what if we could give them real cash, not just credits like many other companies do?

Introducing the Maître Affiliate Program

It’s simple. Refer someone to Maître and we’ll give you 50% of what the person you refer pays. Here’s a quick summary:

  • 50% commission
    Yep, you get 50% of the what the person you refer pays. This usually means around $64 per sale.
  • No minimum payout
    Unlike other affiliate programs we don’t have a minimum payout. You get all the commission you generate.
  • Real money, not credits
    Unlike other affiliate programs we don’t give you credits for our platform, but wire you real $$$.
  • Handled by Stripe
    We use Stripe to manage payments and transactions, therefore you will need a Stripe account (or to create one. Don’t worry it’s free).

You don’t need to apply to be part of the affiliate program. All you need is a Maître login. If you’ve got one of those, you’re already on board.

After you connect your Stripe account you will get access to your Affiliate dashboard that looks something like this:

Send your link to anyone you want. Or click one of the social sharing buttons below to spread the word on your social networks.

One more thing

You can read all the terms and conditions (including when payments are scheduled, etc) on our Affiliates Page.

Ideally we would love to see every customer we have bringing in at least 1 friend. This would be amazing. I’m sure everybody knows somebody who is struggling to grow their business and Maître could be the solution to their problems.

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Manuel Frigerio Maître's Founder. A data-driven, analytical geek who enjoys building stuff.
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